Monday, 28 February 2011

Small group assignment

Work in teams – 2-4 people in group. Working time till 15.00.
Each group present their findings in the end of the day in 10 minutes presentation. 

Alternative the task :
Look at your media environment:
Can you see the phenomena called media convergence? It could be an
Application, medium that uses features from “old” media.
What is new media? In your case? How the ideas of mass culture are
Seen in the medium / media? The aim of the task is to increase
the understanding of multi-layered nature of media and a single medium.

Alternative task:
Create a hypertext document - at least three linked files.
It could be interesting to use mainly text and keep your mind on
associative thoughts and links. 
You manage without pictures?
What other metaphors you can use except pictures?

Friday, 18 February 2011

Preliminary program

28.2 Monday
12-13 Marjo Mäenpää: Introduction to the course. Media archeology
14-16 Document: Marchal MacLuhan

1.3 Tuesday
10-12 The Social Network
13-16 Kimmo Ahonen The Flying Saucer Myth in American Popular Culture

2.3 Wednesday
10-12 Max Ryynänen: A history of mass culture and media philosophy
13-16 Group assignment

3.3. Thursday
10-12 Marjo Mäenpää: Great history of multimedia
13-15 Max Ryynänen: Contemporary media philosophy
15-16 Final discussion

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Course Description

MT 10 6 cr: Mass media and digital or multimedia are historical phenomena, they are called on different names. The past multimedia dramaturgy, information design and visual narratives might still give valid patterns for current visual representation. 

The course gives understanding on mass media, the history of multimedia and the dramaturgical methods and technology used. 

Working methods:  Lectures, discussions, essay or learning diary or participation of common media production or one’s own artistic production from the themes of the course (max 5 pages). Pass/ fall 80 % presence and active participation, short essay or learning diary (i.e. notes from lectures reflected through some project, weather on going, own or done project) or own artistic or documentary media project related to the themes of the course.  Deadline for the task: 1st of April.